Film and Video Work

I tend to work with lenses and microphones. I shoot with a variety of cameras, both moving image and still. I have used everything from DSLRs to Canon C’s to Digital Bolex and I have been known to use a real Bolex and an Arri SR-III. I like old C-mount Kinoptiks (legendary!) and Angies, as well as the newer sharp ones. Go out, find something, come back.

Then, post. Davinci Resolve, mainly, with Fusion & After Effects & Premiere & Audition as necessary. For stills, mainly Rawtherapee and Photoshop. I’m not entirely sure why I’m talking so much about tech and gear save that it is an integral part of my process, thinking through these tools, and because this page is really just a placeholder so’s I can have the words “film and video work” at the top of the menu screen over there.

So: I do film and video work. I am also for hire, for certain jobs, shooting or post.